Area Guide

Where do I start?

London is a huge sprawling city. If you are studying at a college or university outside central London, you may be able to find accommodation that is just a short bus ride away from college, or even within walking distance. Universities in east and southeast London, in particular, are situated in areas where there is a relatively good supply of inexpensive private sector housing.

If you are studying at a college or university in central London then getting out of bed and strolling to your lectures is a very expensive ambition. Private sector accommodation in central and west London is not only expensive, but also usually fairly cramped and there is very little available for large groups of more than three people. This means that a lot of students live outside travel zone 1, even if they are studying in Central London.

To help you make sense of London we have prepared this brief guide. Click the links to access a list of the top 20 areas students in London and a map which shows average student rents in different areas.